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Color King 100% Ceramic Sauce Pot Multipurpose Set (White)
GT Benz Padlock
Hanabishi Multifunction Cooker 1.0L Model: HA1330
Thermos 470ml Stainless Steel King Food Jar SK-3000MR
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T1- Food and Beverages

Logon.my is here to make your life easier. You can now do your grocery shopping online and get it delivered right to your doorstep. Logon, the fastest growing online shopping website in Malaysia, offers wide choices of food and beverages for you and your family. You can now experience shopping like never before. You not only save on time and petrol, you also save money from all the great deals, offers and discounts!


There are plenty of foods for you to choose from. If you are someone who is very health conscious, we have organic foods like rolled oats, hulled millet, sea salt, quinoa, brown rice, beans, olive oil, sesame oil, vinegar, honey, laxseed, Moringa seeds and others. Our herbals products includes American ginseng, red dates, dried sea cucumber, chrysanthemums, Chinese yam, Japan pearl powder and more. We also have bird’s nest from brands that is suitable as a gift. If you are organizing a party at home and need a whole lot of food supply, we have just the right snacks for you. Biscuits, cookies, snacks, dried foods, ice cream, chocolate, candy, fruits, canned food, cake and dessert. It is now convenient for you and save you from all the carrying and lifting process. Surprisingly, we do have fresh and frozen food as well. You can buy your fruits and vegetables to cook up a scrumptious mouth watering meal.


Coffee, tea, juice, milk, carbonated and alcoholic drinks is different flavours, brand and taste for you to choose from. Most of all, products are affordable and guaranteed to be the highest quality.