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Health & Beauty

Staying healthy and beautiful is what everybody is striving for. Regardless of gender and age, you need to start maintaining your health and beauty before it is too late. Taking care of your body starts from the inside out, you not only need to exercise regularly, maintain a well-balanced diet, consume adequate health supplements but physical body care is also equally essential for your well being.



Everyone wants to look their best. There are massive selections of beauty products for you to choose from. Browse and shop on cosmetic products like lipsticks, make up palette, congealer, eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, base, primer, make up brushes, foundation, sun block, mascara, etc. We have everything for your body from head to toe. Pamper your body with aromatherapy massage oil, relaxing body wash, pure organic essential oil, body scrub and lotion.



You only live once and maintaining a healthy body is important to get you going. Some nutrients that your body need might not be enough from your daily meal consumption. Supplement is necessary to ensure your body has adequate quantity of vitamins and minerals. You can shop for everything you need to improve your health, from assorted vitamins and supplements, sports nutrition, medicines, organic slimming products and the list goes on! Get the perfect body that you desire with slimming patch and slimming cream, weighing scale, slimming belt and shapers, and also protein powders for those of you who are hitting the gym. Online Shopping Malaysia

Shopping at Logon is fun! With our massive collections of health and beauty products for you to choose from, you will easily find what you are searching for. Skin care products from different series and for different skin types, body care products for men and women, toiletries, cosmetics of many recognized brands, supplements for the young, old and sporty, traditional remedies, health equipment and many more! Check out our website for special deals and offers at unbelievably low prices. We have many amazing discounts to offer you every day. Be sure to visit us daily so you won’t miss the all the great bargains!