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Published by Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad.

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1. 全彩装钉,尺寸适中,使小朋友阅读更轻松、更方便。

2. 由刊物的灵魂人物——青姨、小云姐姐及小吉哥哥,带领小朋友快乐学习,成为小朋友的学习良伴。

3. 我们的内容多元化:绘图故事、趣味中文、科学游戏、探索自然、品德修养、时事追踪、三语学习、智力游戏等等,从而激发小朋友的想像能力、创意能力、思考及幻想空间,对新事物的探知以及培养自主学习能力。

4. 提供小朋友展现才华的平台——作文以及绘画投稿。

5. 优良撰稿人的呈献:本地著名旅游作家、绘图故事画家、在籍小学各语文老师、奥数老师、荒野保护协会的老师等,提供优质内容。

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(国内) RM 30

RM13 +RM 17(郵費 Postage)


The cost of postage is included in the subscription fee.

询问电话: +6 03 7965 8521(星洲日报《小星星》周刊编辑室)

For subscription, please call : +6 03 7965 8521(Bintang Sin Chew's Editorial Dept.).


Terms and conditions


You will receive latest printed issue once you have placed an order. Your subscription is then added to the publisher's next production cycle and shipped via standard mail. Delivery time maybe varied based upon the delivery services provided by the mail service provider.


Old subscription form will not be entertained if there is any adjustment in subscription rates.


Please allow 7 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) to proceed with the subscription order.

谨此提呈申请/表格,本人/我们同意并授权星洲媒体集团(“星洲”)依据http://www.sinchew.com.my/privacy所列《隐私政策》,处理,分享,使用,保留和透露上述资料于其相关公司(条款里统称“the companies”)。

By submitting this application / form, I / we hereby consent and authorize Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad ('Sin Chew') to process, share, use, retain and disclose the above personal data to any of its related companies, subsidiaries, affiliates and associate companies and / or such other parties ( collectively “the companies” ) in accordance with the privacy policy at http://www.sinchew.com.my/privacy.
I/We hereby discharge Sin Chew and the Companies from any existing and future liabilities, obligations and duties arising from the processing of the above personal data.


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