中英文发音,讲故事 (中文),360度展示三维物品、动作、声音,甚至可以与立体画面合照留影。让孩子感受学习乐趣,也可以和宝贝一起分享这美好的亲子时光!

3D little monster card gives you different visual enjoyment, a variety of series (Ocean, Jurassic World, Modern Technology), each series 30 cards, also free 10 additional cards (Christmas Party worth RM50) and a mobile phone holder.

English and Mandarin pronunciation, storytelling (Mandarin), 360 degree display three-dimensional objects, motion, sound, and even can take a picture with the 3D objects. Let your children have a fun learning experience and enjoy this wonderful parent-child time!

Product Details

支援苹果iOS与安卓作业系统 Support for Apple iOS and Android operating system

可使用手机和平板电脑 Use by mobile phone and tablet

一组激活码可供给5部手机/平板电脑使用 A group of activation number can apply in 5 mobile phones/tablets

适合2至12岁的孩子使用 Suitable for children in age 2 to 12


使用说明 User Guide