●全成分:橄欖油PEG-7酯、稻(ORYZA SATIVA)提取物、茶樹(綠茶)葉提取物、檸檬酸、蛋白酶、脂肪型發酵物 (含麥芽糊精、乳糖、脂肪分解酵素)、月桂基硫酸鈉、癸基葡萄糖苷、烷基醯胺甜菜鹼、甲基異噻唑啉酮、水

Product Details


1.USDA certified organic green tea extract, efficiently removes odors.
2.Plant-based safety ingredient used, contains no artificial color, fragrance,methanol, NP,NPEO or other harmful chemical substances, safe to use.
3.In compliance with CNS3800 and tested by SGS, neutral, nontoxic,biodegradable and leaves no residues.
4.Plant-based green cleaning agent, APG, certified by ECOCERT, gently and efficiently removes milk stains and bacteria.
5.360° Spray by any angleEasy to carry, clean easier.

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