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Color King 100% Ceramic Sauce Pot Multipurpose Set (White)
GT Benz Padlock
Hanabishi Multifunction Cooker 1.0L Model: HA1330
Thermos set
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Your Collection
We know you love them and want to add them in your collection. For some, collecting toys can revive a wealth of memories and bring in the feel of self-achievement. Toy collection is not necessary an expensive hobby. At Logon.my, the fastest growing online shopping website in Malaysia, you can search for valuable collectible toys at affordable prices. Thanks to Logon, your leisure pastime could be entirely different like never before. Whether you are collecting for personal pleasure or because you hope that it will worth some money someday, you will want to constantly check out Logon for all the amazing deals and limited edition collectibles. Our varieties of collectibles includes action figures, car models, nano block series, watch, necklace and ring from series such as the Avengers, One Piece, Detective Conan, Naruto, Gundam, Rilakuma, Death Note, UltaMan, Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, Starwars, Sesame Streets, Doraemon, Mickey Mouse, Crayon Sinchan and more.

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No matter your age, it is hard to deny a game that you like. Logon offers many types of board and card games suitable for your friends and family: chess, Chinese chess, snakes & ladders, checkers, tower up blocks, monopoly, Sudoku, UNO and many other thrilling games. You can also shop for our quality plush toys from many cartoon characters for your little ones. If you are someone who find satisfaction in fixing a puzzle, then we have it for you. Rubik’s cube, 3D puzzles and nano blocks are sure to keep you busy for hours. For those who love outdoor games, we have what you need too. Remote control car, remote control helicopter, quadcopter, drone and more! Buy one and get outside to some fun. 

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If you love playing music and are searching for a music instrument, then you have found the right place. We have piano, digital piano and keyboard from famous brands like Casio and Yamaha. If you are a string person, we offers plenty of classic guitars, electric guitars and ukulele. Besides that, we have the niche products like drums, harmonica and flute.